Project 5 - Space shooter

8 weeks halftime

Project Five was the first 3D game we got to make in our own engines and it is a space shooter following Conny the local space "raggare" (Swedish greaser) on his mission for revenge on Lenny the trucker who destroyed Conny´s favourite local hotdog place. 

Main contributions: 

  • In game design and pipeline taskforce
  • Worked close with Charles Wänéus testing his file sorting tool to make it as easy as possible for us artists
  • Designed the base UI
  • Made the whole player ship after a concept created by André Rondahl
  • Made a sticker library
  • Ran various tests with the technical artists and programmers
  • Made a unity scene for a animated main menu, that we cut
  • Helped record all voice lines in the game
  • Made some particle effects
  • Came up with various game juice effects

Models I made:

Anita's dance house, big and small fan, parking platform, player missiles, player and enemy bullets, shells, 8 different pipes that sadly were never used, a big hotdog sign, Kalle's hotdog kiosk, enemy turret and turret bombs.